STATEX is a paradox and a strong desire. STATEX is both a focused artistic community working without hierarchies to fulfill shared artistic visions - and a disparate attempt of cooperation between five self-absorbed artists with different world views, overfilled calendars and solid individual careers. STATEX started out as open talks without any obligation at Jon TombreĀ“s cottage by the sea. At the end of the first week, the idea of a collective and political project manifested itself. So far, the cooperation has resulted in three shared productions, and the ambition is to stay together in any foreseeable future.

STATEX is Liv Hanne Haugen (dance artist/singer), Tale Næss (writher/dramaturge), Lawrence Malstaf (scenographer/visual artist), Amund Sjølie Sveen (musician/composer/writer) and Jon Tombre (director/performer).