Liv Hanne Haugen, (1968) is a danceartist and a singer, choreographer and a producer, based in Tromsø NO. Her education is from London and Amsterdam, and her work as a dancer in Brussels for a.o. Wim Vandekeybus between 1992-2009. In 2003 she founded Haugen Productions ( with her sister AK Haugen. Their work is situated on the border of documentary and fiction, strongly shaped by their North-Norwegian identity and background, and is presented both nationally and internationally. She also collaborates with other artists in their projects such as Nordting, by A. S. Sveen. Her work is rooted in movement and dance, but also voicework, text and improvisation are essential in her artistic expression. She was one of the initiators of the artist connective: Les Bains::Connective in Brussels, BE, and RadArt, Network for performance art in Tromsø, NO. She teaches weekly improvisation classes in Peripheral Centre (, has received the Norwegian Arts Council three times between 2003 and 2021, and is since 2018 employed by SKUDA, Skuespiller og Dansealliansen, NO. In 2015 her first record kemedu with the band LIV was released. And least but not last; is fortunate to be the mother of Orlando (2003) and Isadora (2007). Photo: Martin Eilertsen